Feb 21 Wine Dinner with Giuseppe Savignano

Feb 12, 2015 |

The Menu Come join Giuseppe Savignano of Tenuto Santo Pietro and Donna & Bobby Albanese of Piola for an evening of food and wine featuring TSP wines.

  • Saturday, February 21, 2015
  • 6:30 p.m.
  • $65 per person. (tax/gratuity not included)
  • Seats are limited. RSVP 817-989-0007

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Pecorino & homemade bread & olive oils
Tenuta Santo Petro Viper, Super Tuscan, 2010

Creamy portobello mushroom soup
Tenuta Santo Petro Imago, Vermentino IGT, 2011

Mushroom stuffed quail over cheese ravioli with pecorino truffle sauce
Tenuta Santo Petro Pio II, Sangiovese DOCG, 2010

Braised beef over garlic mashed potatoes with garlic sauteed baby spinach
Tenuta Santo Pietro Perceptum, Super Tuscan, 2010

Goat cheese thyme honey cheesecake
Sori Gala DOCG, Moscato Frizzante, 2013

One more for the road
Crociani, Vin Santo di Montepulciano, 2008
served with traditional almond cookies

About Giuseppe

Giuseppe SavignanoGrowing up in Italy and having also lived in the United States, brothers Nicola and Giuseppe Savignano both had the opportunity to live the dream of many by buying real estate and a vineyard in Tuscany and making their own wine. Nicola and Giuseppe’s parents came to Boston in the mid-to-late ’70s. Their dad was an importer and distributor of Italian foods into the States, including the popular brand Barilla. Around 1987, the Savignano family, after having spent 11 years in Boston, returned to Italy where the sons — including Nicola and Giuseppe’s younger sister — all went to college and grad school as well as the military service.

In 1996, they moved back to Boston, where they were involved in separate business ventures for about 10 years. At the same time that Nicola was leaving the company he was working for after it was bought out and relocated, Giuseppe was getting out of the ownership of a restaurant and wine bar that he owned in Rome. This is when they had the opportunity to purchase Tenuta Santo Pietro.

They had known of the land where Tenuta Santo Pietro was situated from their interest in buying and developing old ruins that they could renovate and build as vacation homes. They were finding beautiful farms that were not being utilized well and were growing grapes in bulk and selling off to cooperatives to make peasant wines. These were the wines where you would stop at the side of the road with big jugs and fill up with wine and consume them rather immediately.

One estate was of particular interest to them. It had been poorly taken care of, with inefficient vine growth. The beauty of the building and views were completely overgrown and the view of the Tuscan town Pienza was completely obstructed. It took close to two years of the Italian bureaucratic system and obtaining permits along with renovations to get the business going. After their purchase, they went through a lot of transformation: vines were replanted and they cut back on yields to be able to start to produce quality grapes. During renovations, they uncovered one of the walls where tons of ivy had been growing and a plaque was discovered with the name Tenuta Santo Pietro and so the estate was named.

The inn at Tenuta Santo Pietro was opened in 2009. The brothers started making small quantities of wine with the first vintages in 2007, including Chianti, Pio and the “Super Tuscan” Viper. These vintages were first brought over to the Boston area by Nicola at the end of 2010 to see how the market would receive them. The next vintage was in 2009, after skipping one year to cut back on yields. This vintage was kept in Italy since they still weren’t producing a whole lot. An on-site restaurant was opened in 2011, the same year their first white, a vermentino, came out. In 2013, the vermentino was introduced to the Boston area as well as the international blend, Perceptum.

From that point forward, a portfolio of 20 wines from Tenuta Santo Pietro was assembled, along with three other small- to medium-sized family owned wineries from the Tuscany and Abruzzo regions (I Lauri, Fabrizio Dionisio and Antico Colle).

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